Something in my gut is telling me to stay away from Van Helsing. It opened at $54 million last weekend and got a decent trade review. After the horror and occult fans check it out on G.P., the special effects cognoscenti take a look at all the CGI, and hardcore Hugh Jackman fans support the Boy From Oz (it’d be interesting to see his Q scores), I’m predicting a steep dropoff in attendance.

There’s something corny about this movie. Can’t exactly put my finger on it, though.

We’ll see on Monday morning when the weekend boxoffice numbers are released. If it has dropped more than 50%, it’ll mean that the word-of-mouth isn’t great and that audiences have moved on. It’ll also mean that I’m right.

Adding to its potential problems: Brad Pitt entered the arena today with Troy. Stay tuned for the outcome. After all, I could be wrong.

Posted by Rob Fields