This month’s issue of Fast Company throws the spotlight on human resources.  Unfortunately, the title of the story is not misplaced: “Why We Hate HR”.  It would be an extremely short article if it were reduced to a simplistic answer.  The author Keith Hammonds offers multiple perspectives that explain HR’s current challenges.  However, in business, one tends to be judged on outcomes, and the outcome and the bottom line is HR sucks. 

Earlier, I said this is unfortunate.  That’s because acquiring and retaining talent should be the number one priority for any organization.  But that can’t happen if those charged with doing so are completely disconnected from the businesses they supposedly serve.  And in my experience, the disconnect is HUGE.

Apparently, pulling the covers off of this well-known, but often unspoken fact has generated a lot of controversy and discussion.

A good starting point for following the thread is here.

Posted by Rob Fields