Those of you who know me are aware that I’m a huge fan of Internet radio.  Sites like Somafm, Pandora,  Bassdrive, WPS1 and Soul Patrol are not only some of my favorites because of the great 24-hour music they offer, but because it’s a great way to escape the mind-numbing crap that’s on terrestrial, commercial radio.

Internet radio is under attack in the form of a new bill that will effectively raise the royalty rates to levels (some estimate an increase anywhere between 300% to 1,200% of current rates) that will effectively put most Internet radio broadcasters out of business.  Fact is, most Internet broadcasters are barely surviving, since they rely almost exclusively on listener donations and a trickle of revenue that comes from advertising.  You can learn more about the issue here.

In the meantime, is helping listeners make their voices heard, and they make it easy to write to your elected officials to urge them not to support this bill.

Good news is that a counter-measure has been proposed.  Please ask your representative to co-sponsor it.  Here’s how.

Posted by Rob Fields