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REVIEW: Umair Haque – “The New Capitalist Manifesto” (Harvard Business Review Press)

A look at 21st century capitalism--and its implications for 21st century culture

/ April 10, 2011

Being “Googley”

We could all take a few minutes to think about where we can apply these principles in our own businesses, and in our interactions with consumers, clients and customers. So, is your business "Googley"? Hat tip to Dave Armano for the heads-up. Read More

/ June 24, 2008

Digital Music Forum: The Indie Takeover?

Jaylaan Ahmad-Llewellyn, Bluhammock MusicJim Cooperman, Wind-Up RecordsMatt Laszuk, IRIS DistributionAmaechi Uzoigwe, Definitive JuxMitchell Wolk, ADARich Bengloff, A2IM (moderator) First, some apologies: This is not a live blog post.  I did something stupid and lost the original post.  Kinda bummed that Typepad hasn't created an autosave feature.  Anyway, I'm recreating this...

/ February 27, 2008

Digital Music Forum: A&R in the Digital Age

Maria Egan-Cohen, Columbia RecordsDaniel Werner, Epic RecordsElliott Mazer, Left Turn MusicAllan KovacKelli Richards, The All Access Group (moderator) Richards: Why go with a major? Egan-Cohen: Resources.  She focuses on bands that have established a track record and a following, and are looking to get to that next level via the...

/ February 27, 2008

Digital Music Forum: Global Music Marketing in the Digital Age (panel)

John Fleckenstein, BMG Label GroupMark Ghuneim, WiredSetPeter Rojas, RCRD LBLShahi Ghanem, BrickfishDoug Perlson, TargetspotVicki Saunders, TouchTunes MusicCelia Hirschman, KCRW's On The Beat Peter: How do you offer a great experience for users so that they'll keep coming back?  Question is not to sell music. Fleckenstein: Start working with artists from...

/ February 27, 2008

Digital Music Forum: Michael Robertson founder of

Michael Robertson, Founder MP3.comJim Sheridan, Onehouse LLC/Pho Group Talking about his idea for a digital music locker.  His underlying idea: everything digital is moving to a cloud. Downsides of locker: Music is passive How do I get it to all of my devices Amazon music was the nail in the...

/ February 27, 2008

Digital Music Forum: Is the Copyright System broken (panel)

Jon Potter, Digital Media AssociationMichael Petricone, CEASteve Marks, RIAADavid Israelite, NARMGary Greenstein, Wilson, Sonsini Potter: Yes. Major differences in magnitudes of payment fees incurred by different competitors.  Limit the statutory damages, and prove actual damages.  None of us are price setters anymore. As with Gerd: Potter says that companies that...

/ February 27, 2008

Digital Music Forum: Gary Shapiro of CEA

CEA=Consumer Electronics Assocation His push is about the Digital Freedom Campaign.  Much of his work is about making the copyright laws make sense and be more responsive to consumers. We've already had two speakers rave about Verizon FiOS (the guy from Capitol on the last panel) and Gary.  Interesting. This...

/ February 27, 2008

Digital Music Forum: Digital Music Trends Impacting the Music Business

Jeff Zakim, Blue Note Label GroupGerd Leonhard, music futuristAlan Cohen, Guitar CenterBrian Young, ZudeSyd Schwartz, Capital Music GroupSteve Jang, iMeem (not here)David Card, VP Research Analyst, Jupiter Research Guitar Center has 30% of the market for music instrument sales new tech that enables bands to manage their social networks. ...

/ February 27, 2008

Digital Music Forum: David Pakman keynote interview

Frank Rose, contributing editor of Wired interviews David Pakman, eMusic's CEO answers what's a label going to be in the future?  Great marketing companies. Perhaps more like an ad agency.  Focus on certain market segments.  Major labels good at creating celebrities. Indies have had a better model in place for...

/ February 27, 2008

Delivering the power of digital

I was on my way to Friday's Likemind.  Standing next to me on the train was a guy reading his Kindle, so I asked him how it was working out.  "Kind of a clunky interface," he said.  "But I've gotten used to it and now I'm addicted." Then he goes...

/ February 20, 2008

Even more Radiohead: Amplive’s remixes approved

Hat tip to Digital Music Wire for the heads-up on this.  Apparently, Zion-I producer Amplive has been given the go-ahead from Radiohead to release his album of remixes "In Rainbows".  One stipulation seems to be that the "Rainydayz Remixes" have to be offered for free.  One one hand, this is...

/ February 13, 2008