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What Does It All Mean? — Part 2

The stark difficulty of believing in the promise of America.

/ June 18, 2017

Fighting Distraction

Yes, we have to fight for our democratic ideals. But don't let your work suffer.

/ February 6, 2017

Understanding Our Political Divide

Using social psychology to understand our political divisions

/ January 6, 2017
credit: Luis Sinceo/LA Times

9 Ways To Protect America In The Age of Trump

How to drive away the darkness that's coming.

/ November 21, 2016

Now on Forbes: The Evolution of Afropunk

Voices inside and outside of @afropunk on how the business and the marketplace continues to evolve.

/ September 11, 2016

Pokemon Go’s Dark Value

@kissmyblackads @grant27 @ricktramos and the unexpected impact of the hit mobile game

/ July 15, 2016

What Does It All Mean?

What's next after the killings in Baton Rouge, Falcon Heights and Dallas?

/ July 10, 2016

Afropunk Announces 2016 Festival Lineup

@afropunk is on its way. Pay attention, marketers!

/ April 20, 2016

The New Gender Pronouns

Noting shifts in language

/ April 4, 2016

The problem with “Batman vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice”

The movie is a great example of what happens when a film tries to do too much.

/ April 3, 2016

NEW! 2 Dope Boys & A Podcast

@farflungphil & @_michaelbrooks have a new podcast & I'm down!

/ March 12, 2016

Q&A: Fusion’s Latoya Peterson on the “Girl Gamers” Web Series

@latoyapeterson on what she's learned from interviewing gaming's female theorists, creators and players

/ December 30, 2015