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Rob’s Rules of Social Media Etiquette

I belong to several social networks.  Overall, I enjoy the experience and they're all useful for different reasons.  Clearly, we've all been given unprecedented access to one another.  But because the barriers to contact are so much lower, manners and discretion become paramount.  I mean, just because you can connect,...

/ June 18, 2008

Breakfast in Bed?

Hat tip to our friends over at AgencySpy.  Apparently, this is Ogilvy's offering for the Valentine's Day timeframe.  Brings a smile to your face and, as AgencySpy notes it "reminds us a bit of Dick in a Box, but you know - less cock." Enjoy! Read More

/ February 7, 2008

When it comes to digital, it’s all about the niche

While covering the AlwaysOn Conference, paidContent's David Kaplan highlighted some of the discussion around the fact that marketers still seem to be behind the curve when it comes to understanding social networks.  Here, he quotes Ben Bajarian, president of Creative Strategies. . .when it comes to finding a place for...

/ January 29, 2008

Still more Radiohead

In case you're not familiar with The Couch Sessions, you should point your browser in that direction and head over there.  Stone and Jerome have their ears to the ground when it comes to highlighting great music from the urban underground.  While they tend to focus on underground hip hop...

/ December 13, 2007

The business world is paying more attention to Facebook

I'll keep this short, since I've got to jump to other things.  But please check out the article in today's Times, which details all of the activity around Facebook since Microsoft let it be known that they are considering at $500MM investment in the social networking platform.  Yes, FB is...

/ October 4, 2007

Targeting Influencers? Why?

Seth Godin points us to a recently released Jupiter report that suggests thatmarketers are failing at viral campaigns because it only works 15% of the time, and that the most popular technique was "targeting influentials."I've always been skeptical of courting influencers and so-called "tastemakers" because they're so fickle.  Particularly when...

/ September 6, 2007

Facebook and brands–Part 2

photo by Daniel Casini Some additional thoughts based on my last post.  One of the things that I notice about MySpace, Facebook and the like is the way that people communicate.  Specifically, there's a contingent that uses the internal communications tools.  I've had a significant number of notes exchanged with...

/ September 6, 2007

Facebook and brands in socially networked environments

So it’s only been a month since I’ve really been active on Facebook (FB) and I like what I see.  First, let me say that I’m on both platforms. FB is a different kind of experience than MySpace, largely because it seems easier to navigate and customize.  The one big...

/ September 4, 2007

Internet Porn

GOOD Magazine: Internet Porn TransparencyAdd to My Profile |   More Videos An entertaining video on Internet porn--go ahead and watch it, 'cause you know you want to--produced by Good Magazine.  This is a good example of cleverly using the conventions of a genre to attract attention and, at the...

/ May 15, 2007

Friday chuckle

A parody of the PC/Mac spots, this time with Marvel (natch!) in the driver's seat.  Enjoy! Read More

/ May 11, 2007

The 21st Century Hustle Blog

Last summer, I hipped you  to Ali Muhammad's 21st Century Hustle magazine.  Good news is that he's started a blog.  So, in between the quarterly issues of the magazine, you can check in on the development of Urban 2.0 and all those involved in Global Grind Culture. Ali's blog is...

/ April 10, 2007

We Are Smarter Than Me

I just read about this new initiative from Wharton through its newsletter, Knowledge@Wharton (which I highly recommend).  From the blurb:The project -- tentatively called We Are Smarter Than Me -- is an experiment to see whether a large community of business people can jointly author a book of the same...

/ March 1, 2007