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You are who you can reach

In an increasingly networked and digitally connected world, this may  be a logical evolution.  See the link highlighted by the Institute for the Future on the strength of performative ties. Read More

/ November 11, 2005

Previewing a future history of media?

For those still not convinced that consumers will be heard, check out the latest numbers put forth by Technorati, the site that tracks what’s going on in the blogosphere.  The report is called State of the Blogosphere, October 2005 Part 1: On Blogosphere Growth. David Sifry, Technorati’s CEO, provides the...

/ October 18, 2005

Introducing. . .”Mobisodes”

Mobile phones are about to take a step beyond games and text messages thanks to Hollywood, that eternal font of content.  Late last week, USA Today ran a story that announced: In what appeared to be the first arrangement of its kind, Twentieth Century Fox said Wednesday it would create...

/ November 16, 2004

Alibi Networks

From today’s New York Times: Cellphones are usually used to help people keep track of each other and stay in easy contact. But they are also starting to take on quite a different function — helping users hide their whereabouts, create alibis and generally excuse their bad behavior. There is...

/ June 26, 2004

Benefits vs. Features

The benefit of TiVo, as originally communicated, was that consumers would never have to miss their favorite TV shows because this programmable device could record 140 hours of programming.  Guess what?  Everybody except those early adopters said, “I’ve already got a VCR.”  Even though VCRs are famously difficult to program,...

/ April 28, 2004