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Will the genius behind this campaign please stand up?

Okay, so is this a fatal mistake?  Not really. It’s just dumb. Oh, fuck it.  This calls for Angry Black Man mode. If you’re wondering how something like this happened, I’ll tell you.  Because those lily white, running-to-catch-the Hamptons-Jitney crowd at McCann don’t have one fucking clue about anyone who...

/ August 2, 2007

Fields on Rubel on Brand Engagement via Advertising

Congrats to Steve Rubel for finally saying that the emperor has no clothes.  Is brand engagement a myth?  I’d argue yes, particularly when it purports to come as a result of advertising.  Advertising is an awareness vehicle.  That’s all it ever was and, I think, all it ever will be. ...

/ October 10, 2006

The Next Chapter in Agency Compensation

Crispin Porter & Bogusky (CP+B) made the news again this week. It wasn’t your run-of-the-mill news business story. Rather, Haggar Clothing not only hired the Miami agency, but gave it a minority stake. This is newsworthy because it's one of those rare instances where an agency takes a stake in...

/ April 27, 2006