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#Quote: How To Do Important Work

Only an effort to solve important problems leads to important work.

/ October 16, 2014
credit: Graeme Mitchell for the NY Times

“Classical Beauty” As Slow Culture

Ideas that are rooted in slower culture are the most difficult to change. Here's one example.

/ September 29, 2014

Afropunk ’14: Day 2 In Pictures

@afropunk closed 2014 in grand style.

/ August 26, 2014

Afropunk ’14: Day 1 In Pictures

@afropunk continues today. Here's some of what you missed yesterday.

/ August 24, 2014

Afropunk, Black Diversity, And What Marketers Need To Know

The huge opportunity marketers are missing by ignoring the black alt consumer.

/ August 24, 2014

Three Lessons From Toyota’s “Swagger Wagon 2”

Yes, hip hop is global, but using it still requires understanding cultural nuance

/ August 6, 2014

6 Reasons for Google Glass’s Slow Adoption

Cultural faux pas are holding back Google Glass.

/ July 23, 2014

Please Take My 2014 Reader Survey

My first ever reader survey.

/ July 22, 2014

Now on Forbes: 4 Forces Driving Culture Deeper Into The Organization

The walls separating companies from the outside world are becoming more porous. Here's why.

/ June 30, 2014

Apple & The Cultural Proficiency Loop

Saturday, I posted about the idea of LA as a cultural hub, a piece I developed based on a series of tweets from product manager and designer Rebekah Cox.  In that post, I said that was the first of two ideas that struck me.  Here's the second: (The Beats acquisition _finally_...

/ June 29, 2014

Los Angeles As A Cultural Hub

The first of two posts inspired by @artypapers

/ June 27, 2014

LISTEN: Jose James — “Simply Beautiful” feat Takuya Kuroda

@Josejamesmusic's cover of the Al Green classic is just one of many reasons to enjoy his latest album.

/ June 12, 2014