When it comes to this blogging and social media phenomenon, it’s really about being part of the conversation.  What’s great is when the bloggers you read begin giving you shout-outs.  It says that they find your content useful, engaging, maybe even compelling. 

All of which is to say that I’m very appreciative of the nods I’ve gotten recently.  These are some fine blogs and are examples of some of the great spots for marketing conversations in the blogosphere.

  • Edelman’s Steve Rubel has been interested in how social media transforms marketing, media and public relations.  He gave Marketing Pop Culture a shout out via his link roll last Thursday, June 15.
  • Clyde Smith covers the business of hip hop at ProHipHop.com.  He was kind enough to check me out after I commented on one of his posts
  • Joseph Jaffe included me in his podcast.  After seeing his presentation at last week’s Association of National Advertisers conference, he encouraged audience members to leave comments on his comment line.  So I did just that and asked him to explain his assertion that consumers were not, in fact, empowered.  Check out my full question and his response here, which comes around 5 minutes into the podcast. Apparently, I was the only one in the audience who called.  A nice reward for doing so is that I get a copy of his book.  Joseph, I’ll ping you tomorrow. 

Thanks, guys.  And now back to the conversation!

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Posted by Rob Fields