Tom Cruise, originally uploaded by Cinencuentro.

The New York Times explored the psychology behind those who seek fame above all else.  Is it a way to make up for being neglected?  Is it an appreciation by those who are highly aware of their own mortality?  Whatever the case, the Internet and the proliferation of reality TV has made it seem as if everyone is not only entitled to their 15 minutes of fame, but that it’s now more within reach than ever before.

Posted by Rob Fields

  • i think fame is just a word for acceptance. that’s what we all seek, to be heard. Some people will do anything for it. i saw you and got your link from the video from “likemind”.

  • Thanks for stopping by, Travis. I agree with you that everyone seeks acceptance. However, I also think that there’s a strong sense out there–very much unique to America in the 21st century–that fame is much more easy to attain than in days past. The difference then, I think, when we didn’t have the Internet and reality TV, is that people who wanted to be famous, put in the real work that was required to achieve it. Because it seems like some many more people are gaining notoriety–and at a faster rate–there’s an assumption that everyone really does deserve their 15 minutes. The harder part, of course, is maintaining it once it’s been achieved.