No surprise that there are still a lot of racists out there.  They show up as trolls on YouTube, especially when a commercial like this comes out.

I say, Eff them. And bravo, Cheerios, for making an interracial couple a commonplace thing in your ad.  After all, more and more American families will look like this.  That is, partners from different racial or ethnic backgrounds. Or of the same gender.

I always come back to the great quote from Wu-Tang’s Raekwon. During an interview on his show, Combat Jack asked him how he stays current and relevant, given that he’s got 20+ years in the music game and there’s a whole new generation of talent on the rise.  His answer: “It’s not what you want. It’s what it is.”

So, you racists out there can hate all you want: The future is happening now and there’s no going back.

Hat tip: Melissa Harris-Perry

Posted by Rob Fields

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