Category: Photography

Photo: Sunset Over The Hudson

Shots like these never get old.

/ August 13, 2016

Photo: Crown Heights-Utica Subway

Breaking ground.

/ August 12, 2016

Photo: Lincoln Center


/ July 28, 2016

Photo: Saturday Subway

A crowded subway car. At least I got this photo out of it.

/ June 4, 2016

Photo: Drink Break

One trusts the photographer, one doesn't.

/ May 1, 2016

Photo: Mirror, Mirror

The PA Turnpike selfie

/ April 30, 2016

Photos: Brooklyn Vigil for #Newtown

All of us, especially those of us with kids, are shocked and saddened by the murder of nearly 30 people at Newtown, CT, most of whom were kids ages 5-10.  Apparently, there were vigils across the country, as people needed to come together to mourn.  My wife and I attended...

/ December 15, 2012

Photo: Swingin’

One of my favorite shots of my wife, Bridgett.

/ April 17, 2011

Photo: Girls On The Pier

A windy day on Shelter Island

/ April 16, 2011