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Russell Simmons’ Missed Opportunity

Five days ago, Russell Simmons and his Hip-Hop Summit Action Network (HSAN) cancelled their much-ballyhooed March on New York, which was originally set for today, coinciding with the opening of the Republican National Convention. I’ve always said privately—but I’ll say it here now—that this “action” was always only sound and...

/ August 30, 2004

Average Americans are NOT the Average Voters

This recent item from the Center for Media Research: According to the New Strategist Publications, politicians are trying to portray themselves as being in touch with the average American. The truth is, they’re courting the average voter, whom the publication describes as: A white, married, 46-year-old woman, who owns a...

/ August 3, 2004

The guerrilla marketing of political activism

On my way to the barbershop, a guerrilla campaign caught my eye. On the ground someone wrote: “Who can you call in these states?” It was followed by a list of all the swing states for the upcoming elections and closed with the URL for the League of Independent Voters....

/ May 13, 2004