This recent item from the Center for Media Research: According to the New Strategist Publications, politicians are trying to portray themselves as being in touch with the average American. The truth is, they’re courting the average voter, whom the publication describes as:

A white, married, 46-year-old woman, who owns a home that’s an empty nest. Further, she has some college experience under her belt, is employed, religious and richer than the average American.

Draw your own conclusions, but take a minute to see how the average voter differs from the average American by clicking here.

Posted by Rob Fields

  • now that’s interesting, i never knew that. it does make sense that the average voter is richer than the average american, since many people in lower economic area are extremely underrepresented in the voting booths. great article.
    btw i’m living on ocean ave on the east side of prospect park and i’m thinking about moving to the west side of the park, around the 7th ave area. how do you like living there?