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Save Internet Radio

Those of you who know me are aware that I’m a huge fan of Internet radio.  Sites like Somafm, Pandora,  Bassdrive, WPS1 and Soul Patrol are not only some of my favorites because of the great 24-hour music they offer, but because it’s a great way to escape the mind-numbing...

/ April 27, 2007

PODCAST: Gerd Leonhard on why attention–not content–is king

Gerd Leonhard is a noted media futurist and co-author with Dave Kusek of “The Future of Music”. With all of the ongoing news about it, it’s clear that the music business will require a fundamental paradigm shift in order to better sync with the realities of the digital age.  “The...

/ August 22, 2006

Approaches to music’s digital divide

Solid commentary by Grant Robertson at The Digital Music Weblog regarding a Reuters article on how labels and music marketing pros should think about audiences.  Younger audiences are more prone to snap up singles digitally versus 35+ audiences who tend to be full-album oriented.  He uses the new singles by...

/ July 12, 2006