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The Root of Marketing’s Problem With Culture — Part 2

@pspear's defense of qualitative research offers another argument for the limitations of the engineering & economic mindsets that frame business today.

/ February 13, 2014

Research Launching: What’s the Value of Culture To A Marketer?

What do you think the value of culture is to a marketer? Let me know by taking the survey!

/ February 12, 2014

My 2014 Twitter Must-Follow List: Marketing & Media

The marketing minds who make me think. Daily.

/ January 9, 2014

How Useful Is “Culture” To Brands?

Thinking out loud for 1:40.

/ November 1, 2013

Your Idea Ain’t A Physical Product

This picks up on what I originally wrote on PSFK on waging the war of ideas.  Still encountering this too often.  Features and activity sets are pretty comparable across the board for most categories.  It'll be the ideas that are evangelized the best that win. That's good branding in this...

/ June 5, 2013