Almost 8 million YouTube views and counting.

By now, you’ve probably heard of the video for Goldieblox, the toys that were designed to encourage girls’ interest in engineering. It’s safe to say that the video was on its way to viral status before the NY Times picked up on the story a few days ago.

Culturally, timing couldn’t be better for a product like this. Some of the shifts I’d point to might be the following:

We’re all smarter now about the need to encourage girls to live beyond traditionally subservient gender roles.
As well, founder Deborah Sterling tells a compelling story:

Another thing to note: Sterling notes the problem, but positions what she’s doing in positive terms.  This is feel-good all the way.

According to the Times, Goldieblox is a finalist for a chance to have this video aired during the Super Bowl. Let’s see what happens.

UPDATE: Apparently, the Beastie Boys, whose song “Girls” is the basis for this parody, are none too amused. Suits and countersuits have been flying between the Beasties and the ‘Blox.  However, the Electronic Frontier Foundation believes the ‘Blox would win a fair use case.  Watch as this develops.

Posted by Rob Fields

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