That was the message coming out of the VNU-sponsored conference “The Future of Branded Entertainment” last Friday in New York. The point was made that the scale of what’s being attempted with these new branded entertainment models (Chrysler’s foray into videogames, and the recently-shut down Purina deal are two examples) are forcing everyone—talent agencies, TV networks, brand marketers, their agencies—to work together in ways that they haven’t had to before. Basically, everyone needs the other in order to not only create this branded content, but to get it distributed.

However, there are applications of this mantra that resonate beyond the just branded entertainment for global brands. There are thousand of products and services out there being marketed by local, regional and national brands–book publishing comes to mind immediately—that could use more of this mindset. In truth, everyone is chasing the same consumer or business relationship. What to do? Find another company that’s non-competitive, yet complimentary. Share resources. Drive traffic to both entities’ purchase locations. Help each other build brand awareness and brand strength. More importantly, help each other stand out in consumers’ minds by creating value through the partnership.

Yes, it’s easier said than done. But business models are going to have to change in order to make it more efficient for brands to reach consumers who exert increasing control over their personal media consumption.

Posted by Rob Fields