Mobile Entertainment Analyst recently highlighted a study that was published on its site entitled “A Profile of a Cell Phone Gamer, which was authored by Jill Braff, the VP of Marketing for game publisher Sorrent.

Some key findings of the study:

1. While kids as young as nine play mobile games, the sweet spot is Gen Yers between the ages of 18 and 26, with Gen Xers rounding out the majority of the remainder.
2. More women are playing mobile games than men, even though most people who carry and use mobile phones are men.
3. Mobile gamers are not playing on the run. The study found that 60% of those surveyed played at home.
4. Mobile game play is not solitary. Rather, there’s lots of multitasking going on—watching TV, IMing, text messaging, listening to music, etc.
5. The majority of the respondents indicated that they share mobile gameplay with family and friends. Word of mouth is important as a means of educating other consumers on how to download games.
6. Better marketing is required to convert these players into paying customers. According to a study done by the Yankee Group in July, of the nearly 60% of mobile gamers who are women, only 17% paid for them. Clearly, there is a huge opportunity.

The recap of Braff’s findings can be read here.

Posted by Rob Fields