Some of you out there have wee ones–or not so wee ones–on your holiday list who have requested a Wii.  Even at this "early" date, there is some product scarcity.  One of my colleagues told me that the Toys R Us near her was only getting 100 in on a shipment this past weekend.  So, she showed up Sunday morning at 6:30AM to stand in line, get a Wii Wonka ticket and was the happy recipient of #36.  Sad note: Everyone who didn’t get a ticket prior to the store opening was told to go home.

Point is, you can either dedicate yourself to showing up at some retail outlet at an ungodly hour, risk paying a premium by shopping online, or. . .

You can check out a recent and highly useful post by Forrester’s Charlene Li, who offers some tips on how to use a variety of digital and brick and mortar tools and techniques to score one.

If you’re really in the market for a Wii, do yourself a favor and follow this link.

Posted by Rob Fields