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PSFK’s 2014 Future of Retail Report

Our friends at trend consultancy @PSFK recently released their fourth annual report on the future of the modern shopping experience.

/ November 15, 2013

Sign o’ the times: NY retailers accepting Euros

In an effort to cater to the flood of European tourists coming to NY, area businesses are starting to accept payment in Euros.  According to the Daily News:In fact, one city store, East Village Wines, recently started taking euros as well as greenbacks to draw in travelers, as well as...

/ February 7, 2008

The power of scarcity

We all know that low supply and high demand drive prices up.  Makes sense, right?  Thing is, it's rare (I think) to see this relationship so starkly displayed.  Even though it's the holiday season, I still find this surprising. Apparently, it's not just the Nintendo Wii that's scarce, but also...

/ December 12, 2007

Just to get a Wii

Some of you out there have wee ones--or not so wee ones--on your holiday list who have requested a Wii.  Even at this "early" date, there is some product scarcity.  One of my colleagues told me that the Toys R Us near her was only getting 100 in on a...

/ December 4, 2007