From today’s research brief released by the Center for Media Research:

Online research conducted by Dynamic Logic with Snapple, for The Internet For Women, iVillage and TACODA Systems, showed that targeting female consumers based on their previous site usage patterns, or behavior, has a greater impact on brand metrics than simply reaching them in specific content areas.

Using TACODA’s “behavioral targeting” Audience Management System the Snapple message was enabled to reach diet and fitness conscious individuals outside of typical diet content areas, such as parenting or relationships, by targeting visitors who had previously visited diet and fitness areas.

These findings have implications beyond online marketing. In fact, given the extreme degree of market fragmentation, here’s an example of what going to be needed by brands going forward. Specifically, the ones that want to remain competitive will need to hone their ability to reach consumers based on needs, lifestyles or interests. Check out the writing and research by forward thinkers such as Don Schultz in this area.

Read the full research brief here.

Posted by Rob Fields


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